V100s from $0.57/hr

We make the GPU servers that cost too much on other clouds available for a low, hourly price.

Start with $5 and launch a server in 45 seconds.

GPUs In-Stock

Real-time GPU stock, available via our console or our API

Secure & Reliable

Top tier 4 data centers with proven 99.995% uptime

Only Pay for Compute

When VMs are off, you are only billed for storage.

A platform you can understand
without needing a certification.

Our team of engineers is eager to make the platform the easiest it can be.

Super duper easy API

Well-documented, well-maintained, well-everything.

1,000+ in stock GPUs

GPU stock numbers available in realtime.

5,000+ reservable GPUs

3 fleets of partner GPUs, at the same low TensorDock price, on request.

Built by developers for developers

Our #1 focus is to provide the best experience for developers.

Free Bandwidth

Fair share bandwidth included — just keep usage reasonable (1TB per $100 spent). Contact us if you anticipate large bandwidth needs.

Learn more about the TensorDock difference

We work to make customers' lives better.

Here are two really cool customers:

"These prices are some of the best that I've seen! And the scalability... perfect"

Creavite is a freemium animated graphics creator that uses TensorDock's Windows GPU servers with Adobe software for their rendering needs. Note: Creavite received discounts for placing a "partners" link on their website linking to us.


"The server is really fast, you never have to worry about noisy neighbors. Wow!"

Ultramarine Linux is an open-source Fedora-based Linux distribution that uses TensorDock's Linux servers to process hundreds of gigabytes of data. Note: because it is open-source, we sponsor Ultramarine Linux compute servers.


TensorDock's goal is to democratize access to expensive HPC hardware.

Our goal is enable you — whether you are a sole developer, funded startup, or enterprise — to compute groundbreaking innovations easier at industry-leading prices. Learn about our story.

  1. Jupyter Lab/Jupyter Notebook preinstalled
  2. Affordable prices
  3. Real human support
  4. Secure and reliable

We're a team of ex-engineers of cloud platforms, here to create the platform that we couldn't before. We're always receptive to feedback, just contact us!

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Frequenty Asked Questions


Where are your data centers?

You can deploy servers located in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and soon Boston. Learn more.


I want free credits!

To keep prices low, we can't afford to give away free credits to everyone. If you anticipate a scale of >$5k/month, schedule a call with sales.


What virtualization? Docker containers?

Full KVM virtualization with root access and a dedicated GPU passed through.


How is billing done?

We operate on a pre-paid model: you deposit money and then provision a server. Once your balance nears $0, the server is automatically deleted.

Get started

Spin up a GPU server from $0.32/hour.

Go ahead — go build the future of tomorrow — on TensorDock. Cloud-based machine learning and rendering has never been easier and cheaper.

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