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Rent us your GPU servers and
monetize your idle GPUs

Install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, install our software, set your prices, and that's it!

Use Your Hardware for Good

Our users include AI researchers. You will enable them to do more for less.

Earn More

We will always pay much more than what mining will generate for you :)


You keep the hardware running. We do the rest — software, sales, billing, etc.


How it works

You run the servers, we do everything else.

Get approved

We have a strict process for getting approved. We will only approve hosts that have a solid setup.

Install our software

Once you're approved, we'll send you a script to install our Libvirt-based hypervisor software. This will automatically add your server to our marketplace.

Customers will use your server!

Last step: set your prices! Once this is done, marketplace users will be able to deploy virtual machines on your hardware! Now that customers are using your server, keep it running reliably — downtime will be penalized!

Hosting requirements

Becoming a TensorDock host requires a good setup and good hardware.

The intangibles:

Ability to keep servers running

On our marketplace, customers will be actively using your server. As such, excessive downtime will be penalized. You should be able to keep your servers running 24/7 and investigate issues when they arise.

Customer data respect

Before you join, you will be required to sign a data protection policy, which affirms that you will not attempt to look at our customers' data. Customers are here to do more for less, not get packetsniffed. You will also be forbidden from contacting customers directly.

Location level:

Each location should have...

1 Gigabit Internet Connection

You need at least a 1 gigabit internet connection for each location that you are hosting servers in. This internet connection can be shared amongst multiple servers.

Static IP address

Customers need to be able to SSH into their machines, so we require a static IP address for each location. Note that we can handle a DDNS setup (contact us), but we would prefer to use an IP address instead.

Reliable Power

If you do not have a reliable power supply, you should get UPSes and backup generators. Customers should not have to wait for a machine to get back online.

Server level:

Each server should have...

PCIE Bandwidth: 16 GB/s (4.0 x8 or 3.0 x16)

When customers rent a GPU, they should be able to utilize it fully. PCIE 3.0 x8 (4.0 x4) simply isn't enough for modern workloads. That's why were're requiring PCIE 3.0 x16 or 4.0 x8 for each GPU.

RAM: 16 GB+ of DDR4 RAM per GPU

We recommend at least 16 GB of DDR4 RAM per GPU. For GPUs with larger amounts of memory (e.g. A100 80GB), we'd recommend having slightly more than the VRAM. E.g. for an A6000 48GB, we'd recommend at least 64 GB of RAM.

CPU: 8+ vCPUs with 3+ GHz boost per GPU

Each GPU should have access to at least 8 CPU threads (4 physical cores when hyperthreading is enabled) that can boost to a clock speed of at least 3.0 GHz.

Storage: 512 GB NVMe SSD per GPU

Our customers use a lot of storage!

Network: 100 forwarded ports or dedicated IP

We require 100 ports to be forwarded to each physical server, or a dedicated IP address for each server. We can lend out /24 to /22 ARIN IPv4 address subnets if you would prefer to use our IP addresses instead of yours.

Custom GPU Icon

Passthrough: integrated graphics, another older GPU, or a motherboard graphics device

Your server needs these graphics so that the NVIDIA GPU can be fully passed through to the virtual machines that will host customers.

One of our hosts puts their servers in a data center! One of our hosts puts their servers in a data center! Here is an example of a 'basement host' — you could be running one next!

Host earnings

Earn steady income by hosting a server


Set your own prices

You set your own server's rate. You can charge as much as you think customers will be willing to pay to maximize profits, leading to potentially high earnings

Resource-based Billing

Make money when a GPU is rented, and make additional money when a large amount of CPU/RAM/disk is used as well! Each adds up.


Building a long-term, sustainable marketplace.

Host Fees:

We'll charge a 25% fee, which will go to credit card processing fees, marketing, software development, etc. — all essential to generating adequate demand to continually rent out your servers.

Graphics Card Typical Monthly Earnings
A100 80GB $600
A100 40GB $500
A6000 / A40 $300
Quadro RTX 8000 $200
GeForce 4090 $200
GeForce 3090 $131.25
A5000 / A10 $125
Tesla V100 $125
GeForce 3080 Ti $100
GeForce 3080 $75
All other NVIDIA 30-series cards equivalent to or better than a GeForce 3060 $50
All other NVIDIA RTX GPUs with at least 8 GB VRAM $30
All other NVIDIA GTX GPUs with at least 8 GB VRAM $20
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Frequently Asked Questions:


Would you need to have all the same GPUs on the same machine?

Mixed systems work! You can have different NVIDIA GPU types on the same server


You require a much higher end system than what's needed for cryptocurrency mining...

Yes, transitioning from being a miner to a TensorDock Marketplace host will likely require some capital investments to upgrade your setup. However, remember that you'll be earning much more as well.


You're a GPU operator. Why are you creating a marketplace to compete against yourself?

We'll be the only site users visit to get the compute they need, no matter the location or GPU model.


Downtime will happen sooner or later. What happens then?

Hosts with good uptime and no data loss will eventually be given "Top Host" badges so that they'll be featured more prominently. New hosts will start without badge, whereby prices will likely need to be set below the prices of similar machines at "Top Hosts" to attract customers. Once hosts demonstrate operational excellence, they'll receive such badges.

Hosts will be able to schedule downtime, which will give us the ability to move the customer to the next available machine. Scheduled downtime won't be penalized.


You're with a good company.

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As companies scale, marginal costs rise. We're here to unite the independent hosts of the world — the ones who have the lowest costs by sourcing hardware locally and being lean — and place them together on a single, intuitive marketplace to provide the compute that rivals the big clouds but at a fraction of the cost.

We're always receptive to feedback, just contact us!

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Monetize your GPU servers while enabling startups and AI researchers to get the compute they need at a price that isn't 10x what it should be.

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