Core GPU Cloud:
Flexible, on-demand GPUs from $0.29/hour.

Enterprise-ready. Tried and tested API. 1k+ GPUs. Easy to use. Servers in 45 seconds, not 7 minutes.

Pricing that encourages scale. Per-minute billing. Modify servers to right-size compute.

Start with $5 and launch a server in 45 seconds.

1,000 GPUs

Real-time GPU stock, available via our console or our API

Secure & Reliable

Top tier 4 data centers with proven uptime

Save When VMs Are Off

When VMs are off, you are only billed for storage.

Industry-leading pricing.

Save by using TensorDock — up to 70%.
Customize resource allocation to optimize costs.

Need compute for a month or longer? Save an additional
up to 50% by getting a Subscription Server


NVIDIA Tesla V100

The standard for machine learning with excellent FP64 performance.

$0.52/hr: 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM $0.60/hr: 4 CPU, 16 GB RAM $0.88/hr: 8 CPU, 64 GB RAM
$0.24/hour - $2.06/hour

More: A100, A6000, etc.

10 GPU models available — choose the one that is just right for your workload.

Customize a server

Intel Xeon CPU-only Server


Perfect for running a test workload or storing some data at our data centers.

$0.027/hr: 1 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 20GB NVMe SSD
$0.060/hr: 2 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 100GB NVMe SSD


Easily Modify Servers

Right-size compute. Try each of our 10+ GPU options to see which works best with your workload. Never pay more than you actually need.

You can deploy a CPU-only server, upload your data, convert it to a GPU server to run an ML workload, and then convert it back to a CPU-only server.

Save with Storage-Only Pricing

When VMs are off, you are billed a very low rate for storage. For continuous workloads, we offer monthly or longer servers at even lower pricing.


Jupyter Notebook made easy

Deploy our machine learning image and get Jupyter Notebook/Lab out of the box.

Reliable, Enterprise-Grade Hardware

  • 3x-replicated NVMe SSD storage
  • 10 Gbps ports available
  • NVIDIA Enterprise GPUs
  • AMD EPYC, Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Top data centers


A platform you can understand
without needing a certification.

Once you switch, you'll never look back.

Industry-leading pricing

You can get a V100 server from us for $0.52/hour — that's cheaper than any other cloud


Well-documented and well-maintained so that you can start automating deployments.


Manage your servers via the command line using this command-line interface.

1,000+ in stock GPUs

GPU stock numbers available in realtime.

65,000+ reservable GPUs

3 fleets of partner GPUs on request.

11 Locations

Instantly-deployable VMs in 3 US-based locations, or order a long-term subscription in 11 global locations.

Free transfer / bandwidth

Eliminate your #1 cost at other clouds. Just contact us if you anticipate needing 100TB+ of monthly traffic.

Learn more about the TensorDock difference

The world's use us.

airgpu uses TensorDock's API to deploy Windows virtual machines for cloud gamers. TensorDock's abundant GPU stock enables airgpu to scale during weekend peaks without worrying about compute availability.

airgpu is a popular, renowned cloud gaming service known by gamers worldwide

ELBO uses TensorDock's reliable and secure GPU cloud to create generate art. TensorDock's highly-performant servers run their workloads faster on the same GPU types than the big clouds. creates managed AI services like art generators and logging and has been featured in The Spectator.

Researcher Skyler Liang from Florida State University uses TensorDock's A40s and A6000s to work with GAN networks. TensorDock's low pricing enables FSU researchers to do more with their limited university compute budgets.

Florida State University researchers receive reimbursements from using TensorDock servers.

Creavite uses TensorDock's Windows GPU servers with Adobe software to render logo animations as well as CPU-only servers. The presence of both types of servers enables Creavite to tightly integrate their workflows.


We democratize access to expensive HPC hardware.

Our goal is enable you — whether you are a sole developer, funded startup, or enterprise — to compute groundbreaking innovations easier at industry-leading prices. Learn about our story.

We're always receptive to feedback, just contact us!

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0+ GPUs

In Stock

0+ GPUs


Frequenty Asked Questions


Where are your data centers?

You can deploy instant servers located in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and order long-term servers from 11 data centers. Learn more.


I want free credits!

To keep prices low, we can't afford to give away free credits to everyone. If you anticipate a scale of >$5k/month, schedule a call with sales.


What virtualization? Docker containers?

Full KVM virtualization with root access and a dedicated GPU passed through. You get to use the full compute power of your GPU without resource contention.


How is billing done?

We operate on a pre-paid model: you deposit money and then provision a server. Once your balance nears $0, the server is automatically deleted. We also offer subscription servers where we automatically charge your credit card every term for servers that are meant to run long-term.

Get started

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