The TensorDock Difference:

Utilize the full potential of your allocated resources. RAM 100%? GPU 100%? No problem. We're not your typical WordPress hosting provider with resource limits. We're your HPC provider.

Here are five reasons why to choose us:

Pricing Deploy a Cloud GPU

1. Industry-Leading Pricing

Compare our prices to that of a "big 3" cloud provider and you'll see the difference:
Our low prices enable customers like you to scale

Our Own Hardware.

It starts with a relentless drive to cut costs with custom-built servers, giving us access to reliable yet affordable high-performance computing power.

Bulk Discounts.

To handle customer needs during surges, we partner with other cloud providers, where we get discounted pricing due to our massive scale.

Low Prices.

Our low prices mean that we don't need to spend that much on advertising, which means we can cut prices further. Neat, right?

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2. 10 different GPU models.

Yes, seriously. With over 1,000 GPUs in-stock. Get the right GPU model for your workload. Only need FP32 performance? Skip the A100 and get the A40. Need best price-to-performance? Skip the A40 and get two A5000s. We have GPUs optimized for every use case:

Deep learning training

AI Inference

VFX / Rendering

Cloud Gaming

3. API. With 10+ Endpoints.

Built from scratch: metadata/restrictions, stock, deploy, start, stop, delete, list, get, plans — it's everything you need! And we're still building more!

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5. We simplify HPC infrastructure.

You develop, we do the rest.

The Best Data Centers.

Servers are located in top data centers, with N+1 redundancy, with a wealth of certifications. We're an HPC provider whose quality is unmatched.

Fast Network Storage.

We use a super duper fast network-based storage system. It's triple-replicated, so you'll never lose your data (still take backups, though!). It's Ceph-based, so the technology is tried and reliable. And, it's fast. Over 1 GB/s for our NVMe-based network SSD block storage! Learn more.

TensorML 18.04.

TensorML is our own Ubuntu 18.04-based OS template with Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MxNet, Numpy, Pandas, NVIDIA drivers, CUDA, cuDNN, CUDA Toolkit, Docker, and NVIDIA Docker2. Phew! That's a lot! And it means that you can get started without wasting any time installing your own software.

Deploy your first TensorDock server.

And you'll never look back.

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